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Test & Measurement technology is used to display and evaluate optical radiation with the help of special components and devices. Light can be measured directly or used as excitation to perform measurements, such as in Raman spectroscopy or NIR spectroscopy. Due to the non-contact and fast measurement they provide, these systems are ideally suited for direct measurements during a process (PAT) and for measurements in the laboratory operations. Alongside complete systems and customer-specific solutions, Laser 2000 also offers individual components.

Another field in the area of Test & Measurement technology concerns test solutions to overcome challenges in the telecommunications environment. The applications for measurement technology in this field include optical level measurement, OTDRs, OFDR, WDM, inspection of plug end surfaces with microscopes, and bit error and protocol analysis on transmission systems, whether this be within xDSL, Ethernet, SDH, or OTN environments. For measurement technology in laboratories, we offer solutions such as interferometers, RL/IL test solutions, polarization controllers and analyzers, and optical switches.

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  • This laser beam profiler features a CMOS sensor that guarantees frame rates of up to 60 Hz with high dynamics and is suitable for large beam diameters up to 11 mm.

  • The beam analysis camera WinCamD-IR-BB with integrated microbolometer array enables analyzes on long-wave lasers in the range of 2 μm to 16 μm.

  • Der Polarisation State Generator PolaWise ist ein hochentwickeltes Meßsystem zur Charakterisierung aller Polarisationseigenschaften von Lichtquellen und optischen Materialien.

  • The MPC-203 is a special version of GPCs’ Multifunction Polarization Controller which can reach extremely high rates of polarization change. It combines PolaRite™ II/III polarization controller with proprietary polarization control algorithms to achieve a wide range of polarization control functionalities.

  • General Photonics Manual Variable Optical Delay Line VDL-001 erzeugt optische Verzögerungen bis 600 ps (~18 cm).

  • The Polarization Analyzing Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometer (PA-OFDR-A) is a breakthrough instrument from General Photonics capable of analyzing polarization evolution along an optical fiber.

  • Der GPC-PXA-1000 Distributed Polarisations-Crosstalk Analyzer ist ein Weißlichtinterferometer, welches es ermöglicht, ortsaufgelöste Informationen über die mechanische Belastung einer PM-Faser zu erhalten.

  • The PSY-201 is a deterministic polarization controller that can generate and maintain any state of polarization (SOP), regardless of the input SOP. It combines General Photonics’ patented polarization controller, in-line polarimeter, and control algorithm into an instrument that functions as both a polarization state generator and a polarization analyzer.

  • The POD-201 is an FPGA powered polarimeter specially designed for high-speed polarization analysis and monitoring. The instrument uses four channels to simultaneously obtain the four Stokes parameters and measure the instantaneous state of polarization (SOP) and degree of polarization (DOP) of an input light beam.

  • The OCA-1000 is a multi-channel optical component analyzer capable of performing simultaneous insertion loss (IL), polarization dependent loss (PDL), and optical power (P) measurements on multiple optical paths.

  • The PDL multimeter PolaChex simultaneously measures the Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL), Insertion Loss (IL), and optical power of a device under test (DUT) in just 30 ms.

  • The DOP-201 measures and displays the Degree of Polarization (DOP) of a light source in real time with high accuracy and wide dynamic range.

Showing 1 - 12 of 298 items