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Filters are optical elements that are used to separate radiation in a specific spectral region or for wavelength-independent weakening of the intensity of the radiation or the production of polarized light from unpolarized light. Good optical imaging and beam filtering highlights details and suppresses external influences. Filters are used in industrial applications as well as for quality assurance, component testing in production, and transport technology.
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  • The VersaChrome Tunable Bandpass Filter offer wavelength tunability over a very wide range of wavelengths by adjusting the angle of incidence with essentially no change in spectral performance.

  • Handgeschliffene Powell Linsen von Osela sind seit 20 Jahren die Referenz in der Bildverarbeitung. In Kombination mit diffraktiven Elementen erzeugen sie parallel Mehrfachlinien und TopHat Profile mit hoher Homogenität.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items