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  • The MSE Series High Speed Colorimeters provide a unique combination of high-speed and accurate color measurement capabilities in a rugged jacket.

  • The Hyperion colorimeter offers a unique combination of high speed and accurate colour measurement capabilities packed in a robust jacket.

  • A high-speed measurement device suited for Luminance, Illuminance and Flicker measurements

  • The Hera spectrometer provides an accurate UV-VIS spectrometer with auto range function and excellent linearity in a rugged housing of only 95x85x61mm.

  • The Cronus is world’s first spectro-colorimeter combining a VIS spectrometer with a tri-stimulus colorimeter. It combines peak wavelength measurements, color temperature and high-speed flicker during a single test.

  • The Atlas 2D analysis system is an imaging spectrometer. It is a 2D imaging CCD combined with a spectrometer opening up an unprecedented range of capabilities and flexibility.

  • The Rhea series spectrometer offers a unique combination of ease of use and accurate measurement capabilities packed in a robust jacket. The Rhea utilizes a high-end cooled CCD detector for low noise and high dynamic range.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items