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  • The Micron Optics si255 Fiber Optical Sensing Instrument sets new standards in measurement speed and number of connectable Fiber Bragg Grading sensors.

  • The si155 is an industrial grade fan-less optical sensing interrogator.  Featuring both static and dynamic full spectrum analysis, the si155 provides long-term, reliable and accurate measurements of hundreds of sensors on 4 parallel, 160 nm wide channels.

  • The sm125 is a compact, industrial grade, static optical sensor interrogation module, field proven for robust, reliable, and long term field operation.

  • The sm041 Channel Multiplexer is a compact, field proven, industrial grade multiplexer module that conveniently and economically adds measurement channels and fiber connections to an sm125 or sm130 interrogator.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items