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  • The TSPOT 1 is a very powerful compact spot. Among TPL Vision’s products, it belongs to the easy-to-use family: equipped with its own power supply with current control, it can be easily set up.

  • With his small dimensions the 4 LED ThinLED spot can be used in confined space.

  • The ThinLED 1 is a miniature spot that provides an incredible lighting, considering its size.

  • The TSPOT 4, highly powerful, is your camera’s best partner to get an optimized control, in continuous or strobe mode.

  • Using high power LEDs with a wide range of different wavelengths. Robust housing, ideal for applications in demanding industrial environments.

  • The currently brightest and most compact UV lighting on the market with the latest semiconductor technology, precision optics and thermal management.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items