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The terms optics and optomechanics cover a vast array of techniques relating to the manipulation of light, in particular of lasers. Our “Lasers and Accessories“ business unit offers a comprehensive range of standard products for optics and optomechanics. In addition to optical systems and conventional mounting and adjusting mechanisms, our portfolio in this area includes acousto- and electro-optics, fiber optics, and motorized components. We also offer tailored solutions, especially motorized components, components for use in vacuum environments and/or non-magnetic components. They ideally supplement the areas of laser sources for light generation and optical instrumentation for light detection.
The future market of biotechnology
Looking at the future market of biotechnology, filters deserve special attention. We offer innovative and highly robust fluorescence filters with hitherto unmatched values of transmission and reflexion. Efficiency is dramatically increased by using OD6 blocking factors while at the same time transmission is at more than 90% of the desired fluorescence. The filter section also provides news for Raman applications. Edge filters with excellent slope enable measurements almost up to the excitation wave length.
Motorization and miniaturization
Precision motorization and its miniaturization play an increasingly important role in many areas of the optical industry. Pico-motors and piezoelectric drives have paved the way for major innovation. You will find these under “Motorized components“ along with a comprehensive range of displacement, rotation and transparent tables.