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18.02.2019 | Game-changing blue high-performance laser for material processing

The spatter-free blue diode laser from Nuburu stands to revolutionize material processing. It is developed for micro and macro material processing of copper and its alloys as well as for other yellow metals. Several high-reflective materials have limited absorption in the IR and even green. The blue wavelength has therefore significant advantages over conventional IR-lasers:

- Higher absorption -> 2 - 20 times higher energy transfer for most materials
- Higher performance -> 5 - 20 times faster material
- processing speed
- Smaller spot -> 5 times smaller spot, allowing higher precision, higher resolution, and better production quality
- Unique spatter-free welding -> ensures better production quality

The 450 nm/150 W is coupled into a 200 µm fiber with QBH termination. It operates in CW mode but can also be modulated up to 50 kHz