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The new 7000 Series MultiSource Multi-Channel Controller from Arroyo Instruments is designed for applications requiring a large number of channels in a cost-effective and compact solution. With both laser driver and temperature controller options, the MultiSource is an excellent building block for system applications such as device burn-in and characterization. The 7000 series will be released during Q2.  



We are happy to introduce the newest addition to our already extensive portfolio of suppliers: General Photonics, a US company founded in 1995 and a market leader when it comes to generation, control and analysis of optical parameters in fibers. General Photonics manufacture modules and components that control polarization, delay and phase, or combine, isolate and couple light into fibers. They also offer fiber-sensing systems, biomedical diagnosis systems and fiber-optic coils for fiber-optic gyroscope applications. General Photonics are located in California, with a facility size of 1800 m2 and more than 60 employees. They have an impressive customer base and an excellent track record with more than 50 patents and multiple product awards and “firsts” in reaching the market. This is a very good addition to our existing offerings for fiber-optic applications and fiber-sensing solutions. We are now able to offer all kinds of sensing and control of parameters of light in fibers. Please contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.


Spectral Engines’ portable Food Scanner solution has been awarded 1st prize from EU Horizon. The aim for the Horizon Prize for a food scanner was to create a mobile solution that analyses food composition quickly and efficient. The winning plug-and-play concept comes with the world’s smallest near-IR spectroscopic sensing module, advanced algorithms, cloud-connectivity and a vast material library. This makes the Food Scanner able to detect fat, protein, sugar and total energy content of food items at high accuracy. The solution is designed to provide people with food-related health problems, such as diabetes, allergies or obesity, with fast and relevant information about the food they consume. The Food Scanner is ready for OEMs to integrate to their own applications such as analysers, handheld instruments or production lines. As the winner of the Horizon Prize, Spectral Engines will receive € 800,000 from the European Commission. Congratulations!



The lensless all-fiber design of the Fiber Fabry-Perot Tunable Filter (FFP-TF) makes it immune to misalignment, environmental sensitivity and extraneous modes. It follows the Airy function so closely that engineers can use the theoretical mathematical model during the design phase. It is thermally stable, vibration and shock resistant, and has a small footprint and fast response times. The FFP-TF is ideal for spectrum analysis, optical sensing and monitoring and OCT applications.



The NM Sensor Modules from Spectral Engines are designed for system integrators who create leading-edge solutions for industrial or consumer applications. The new NM2.5 module introduces higher wavelength region, from 1950-2450 nm, which results in better sensitivity and specificity. This region is particularly good for substances such as protein and sugar. The NM Module-series is a compact (<15 g), cost-efficient, high-performing OEM module with minimal temperature response.


StellarNet announces a new rugged, turn-key solution for portable light measurement. The Stellar-RAD SpectroRadiometer is an easy to use research grade spectrometer for field testing of lights with no additional setup required. The NIST traceable system can measure spectral Irradiance & Illuminance, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), xy Chromaticity, PAR and more!

Christmas is approaching fast and we are happy to offer discounted prices on popular items for both lab and field work. 

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The PTT489 DM system is a high-performance, factory calibrated deformable mirror with precision, low-noise electronics. The design uses robust single-crystal-silicon mirror segments, which remain flat over large temperature ranges and high incident powers. Intuitive commands use piston/tip/tilt values or Zernike coefficients to enable simple mirror positioning. The USB interface ensures easy operation and ready-to-use out of the box. These DMs are used in applications ranging from state-of-the-art retinal imaging and microscopy to high-contrast imaging systems for planet detection, developed by NASA.



The Multitest:Lab is a new and revolutionary all-in one device for professional test and measurement. It comes with six professional-grade instruments: Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Phasemeter, Waveform generator, Data logger and Lock-In amplifier. The intuitive user interface has been designed and optimized for Tablets and you can switch between the different instruments within seconds. Just download the free app and get going. The device is fully connected: High-speed WiFi, Ethernet and SD storage. This allows you to connect to Dropbox, iCloud or email to instantly save or share your data. WARNING: after 10 minutes with this device, using a conventional oscilloscope may annoy you!



Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers, VCSELs, possess several performance advantages over both conventional LEDs and edge-emitting lasers. In addition to the manufacturing and package flexibility, VCSELs also offer easy scalability to one- or two dimensional arrays, very high modulation speeds, low threshold currents for high efficiency and low power consumption, and excellent wavelength stability with temperature. The low divergence and circular output beam allow easy coupling to optics. Output powers range from below 1 mW for Single-Mode VCSELs up to 10 W for high-power arrays. Typical applications are anything from interferometry, holography and spectroscopy to TOF measurements, gesture recognition sensors, 3D scanning and automotive sensing.


Spectral Engines' Day of Photonics Draw

Participate in Spectral Engines' Day of Photonics Draw and win the new NIR sensor module (complete evaluation kit) by filling in your information here. The winner will be amongst the first to receive world's smallest NIR spectral sensor! 

The Day of Photonics Draw has been organized to support the worldwide promotion of photonics. Read more here.


The Aligna is a fully automated high-precision beam alignment and stabilization system. It is a modular system with control of up to four beams, and includes self-learning parameter settings and 2D/4D scanning (position X and Y, angle X and Y). It compensates for laser drifts, mechanical drifts, air fluctuations, vibrations and residual position error of switching mirrors. No more time-consuming manual coupling into single-mode fibers or realignment after laser replacement!