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UV-VIS spectrometer series

Reference: WAS-UV-VIS-Serie

Our UV-VIS spectrometer series is perfect for fast detection in the UV-VIS range between 250 - 850 nm

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Product description

Reach more sesitivity, better SNR and faster measuremetns in a compact design. With an input f/2.0 you can collect more light and using scientific-grade detectors to detect more light. The patented high transmission VPH gratings & diffraction-limited optics are keeping more light to receive highest sensitvity. 
You can configure your own spectrometer or system with the performance you need by choosing between options for resolution, detector cooling, and sample coupling. 


  • Wavelength range is 250 - 850 nm
  • industry-leading high efficiency optics
  • f/2.0 input to capture more light
  • patented VPH transmission gratings
  • high sensitivity for fast data sampling rates
  • linear absorbance up to 3.7 AU at 300 nm
  • low stray light for superior LOD
  • fiber coupled & free space models
  • compact, robust & configurable

measurement of Turmeric with the UV-VIS Spectrometer
Measurement of Turmeric with the UV-VIS spectrometer from Wasatch Photonics. Integration time of 18 ms. Absorbance values mesaured spanned 0.6 AU to 1.3 AU scaling empirically with concentration. 

Standard Product Specifications & Options


f-number (f/#)2.0
Resolution25 µm slit1.8 nm
50 µm slit3.5 nm
Connector (Fiber coupled model only)SMA 905

Mechanical & Environmental

 Fiber or Free Space Coupled
Size16.0 x 14.5 x 6.0 cm
Weight1.36 kg
Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C, non condensing

Detector & Electronics

Detector Cooling OptionsAmbientTEC Cooled
Spectral range250 - 900 nm250 - 850 nm
Hamamatsu DetectorS10420-1006 CCDS7031-1006 CCD
Detector Temperatureambient-15°C
Detector Temerature Stability - ± 0.1°C
Active Pixels2048 x 641024 x 58
Pixel Size14 x 14 µm 24 x 24 µm
Detector Quantum Efficiency: Average / Peak 70% / 77% 74% / 93%
Dynamic Range 50,000 125,000
Signal to Noise (S:N)500:11000:1
Readout Noise6 e- RMS 8 e- RMS
Integration Time 1 ms - 60 s 8 ms - 60 s
Maximum Sample Frequency285 Hz
CommunicationsUSB 2.0 Type B connector, Ethernet and Bluetooth optional

The ENLIGHTEN Software can be download here

Downloads - UV-VIS spectrometer series

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