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TIA mit InGaAs-PIN-PD, 1 kHz - 180 MHz View larger

TIA mit InGaAs-PIN-PD, 1 kHz - 180 MHz

Reference: AMI-713A-8

TIA mit InGaAs-PIN-PD, 1 kHz - 180 MHz

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Product description

The 713A Series Ultra High Bandwidth Low Noise Photodetector-Amplifier Modules type -7 and -8 offer high gain amplifiers with the flexibility of ø 100 µm or ø 300 µm diameter of InGaAs photodetectors for low signal level sensing applications. The design is optimsed for high-speed response and has a lower input impedance than the 712 series, permitting high speed operation from larger capacitance detectors.

The 713A Series is based on the AMI-313A Series transimpedance amplifiers. Consult Laser 2000 for different detectors.

An internal BIAS is provided at +5V. As an option the modules are available also with a FC or ST receptacle for fiber optic connectors or in combination with a fiber optic pigtail.

The main application areas are high speed and low light level sensing applications.

  • Low noise - down to 8 pW/Hz^0.5
  • High bandwidth - 1kHz to 200 MHz
  • High gain - 18 V/mW
  • Silicon-APD or -PIN as option
  • FC or ST receptacle or pigtail as option

Detector:InGaAs-PIN, Peak @ 1550 nm, max 0.5 mA DC light induced current
-7:ø 0.1 mm, +5 V optim. BIAS
-8:ø 0.3 mm, +5 V optim. BIAS
Load:50 Ohm
Swing:2 V pk
Gain:20 kV/A transimpedance
Polarity:non-inverting, pos. output when flux applied
Power:+15 Vdc @ 60 mA (typ.), internal regulator
Temperature:-20°C to +70°C
Input:Photodiode inside box
Power:Filter feed-thru pins and ground lug
BIAS:Pin decoupled with 0.01µF, 1kV capacitor.
Maße:3.49" x 1.92" x 0.92"

Model description

Part-number:Bandwidth <250 Hz / nom. Gain / Noise (+/-20%)
AMI-713A-7:200 MHz / 18 V/mW / 8 pW/Hz^0.5
AMI-713A-8:180 MHz / 18 V/mW / 9 pW/Hz^0.5

typ. model number: AMI-713A-7

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+ No RoHS conformity!

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